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Apple's smart watch may come in 2014
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  • Apple has been rumored to be working on its "iWatch" smart watch for a while now, but the company has begun accelerating work on the project as it tries to expand its family of mobile devices to the wrist. Apple has already started work on trademarking the name in a number of countries in preparation for a late 2014 launch, and the device is said to be in production as of the second quarter.

    Because we don't yet know what an Apple iWatch will look like, the photos we've included in the roundup are either mockups or existing non-Apple products. For example, the red watch at the top of the page is the Lunatik iPod nano watch.

    Few specific details about the iWatch had been available, but new reports suggest the iWatch will have a flexible AMOLED display supplied by LG, which will come in two separate sizes, 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches, to accommodate different sized wrists.

    A recent product outline from KGI securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested the iWatch could also be available at several different price points, pointing towards an array of different band and face options in various materials. At the high end, the iWatch could cost as much as several thousand dollars, according to Kuo.

    In addition to serving as an accessory to the iPhone and the other iOS devices, giving users at-a-glance access to common functions and notifications, the iWatch is also expected to include several different biometric sensors.

    The iWatch may be able to track health-related metrics like steps taken, calories burned, sleep quality, heart rate, and more. Apple is said to be aiming to make the health-tracking experience more accessible to the general public, so it remains to be seen how complex the included sensors will be.

    Apple is reportedly designing iOS 8 with the iWatch in mind, and the two are said to be heavily reliant on each other for health-tracking purposes. It may ultimately serve as a replacement for the iPod, cannibalizing sales of Apple's once-popular MP3 player.

    Though we don't know what the iWatch will look like, it is expected to have a durable sapphire crystal display. Apple recently signed a deal with GT Advanced that will see the company greatly ramping up its sapphire production.

    The iWatch may debut in late 2014, possibly in September or October alongside the launch of iOS 8.

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