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GPS Watch

S88 gps watches
S88 gps watches
Main feature:
Real-time GPS monitoring orientation, and real-time tracking of base station double positioning (SMS/GPRS/TCP/UDP).
SOS function ,three phone numbers dialing at the same time and accurate positioning when press SOS button in emergency situation
MP3 ,MP4 player
Digital photo frame , automatically play
Alarm clock function, timely remind
Real-time GPS monitoring location/base station auxiliary positioning , support a single location and continuous tracking
Set up 2 speed dial family phone No. and 250 common numbers
Know the position of guardian quickly by telephone or SMS, not by the network platform .
Accurate to seconds of real-time trajectory tracking
Support SMS/PC/mobile enquiry, get the position information/ Google plane /satellite map by SMS or Internet
Emergency alarm/the zone alarm/electronic fence/low electric alarm, historical track record and playback
Remote monitoring, high sensitivity of the microphone, can monitor and real-time track the holder without any interruption
Scope of application:
Children, the elderly, pet care;
Personal safety prevention;
Field personnel management;
Car rental, small team of management;
Outdoor travel and exploration;
Criminal investigation and tracking

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